Tucson Traffic Justice
This website coincides with the campaign to eliminate red light cameras and automated photo
radar enforcement in the city of Tucson, Arizona.

The red light cameras and automated photo radar enforcement are supposedly  there to protect
us from reckless drivers. A closer look at the situation, however, reveals that the tickets are a
significant source of revenue for the contractor and the city of Tucson.

Currently, American Traffic Solutions Inc. provides red light camera and automated photo radar
enforcement service to the city of Tucson. This unaccountable private firm is essentially
responsible for examining each photo and checking the registration on every vehicle. American
Traffic Solutions is paid for each ticket issued and is handsomely compensated for their
services. Additionally, the company coaches the cops who present the evidence. On top of that
American Traffic Solutions also has sessions with the judges assigned to these cases.

In a period of budget cuts and economic decline, the tickets also provide the city with
much-needed revenue. The problem is the trickery and manipulation involved in the process. In
order to maximize the number of citations issued, the timespan of yellow lights at certain
intersections has been shortened. The more tickets that are issued translates into more dough
for the contractor and the city.  

Citizens of Tucson have not been given an opportunity to voice their opinion. We propose bringing
this issue to a vote. Please join us in our efforts.

For a thoughtful and detailed article on red light cameras and automated photo radar
enforcement, see this external link:

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